The thousand mile journey begins with a single step. Or a plane ticket.

Yep. Bought a ticket. Signed up for an organized tour. Found some other places to stay and be fed in exchange for working on various tasks around the farm. Hare & There Studio is headed to the UK in just a few weeks.

Stay tuned. Blog for family, friends, and miscellaneous lurkers available  as soon as I figure out this WordPress thing.

Right now I’m doing this:


But soon I’ll be doing this:


  1. Considering a cross country walk in Europe next year. If I choose Spain, I won’t do the whole walk. Gotta get some new hiking boots and break them in!
    I will so enjoy following your blog!


    • Sounds wonderful! I bought a new pair of boots worried about breaking them in… but the ones I got are so light and supportive and they were wonderful right out of the box!


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