Anticipation. It’s making me wait.

Could it be an unacknowledged truism that one of the best parts of travel is the time just PRIOR to traveling? You get to that point where you know it’s going to happen. You quietly count down the remaining time in your head: five weeks, four weeks, three weeks. You find a silly, devil-may care grin on your face at the oddest times and try very hard to remove it as no one else in the room is getting to cast aside their everyday life for a reckless adventure. To queries, you shrug your shoulders and respond in a restrained manner “Oh yeah. Excited. But it’s still a long ways off.” You obsess for hours over what to pack. (“Yes! It’s the perfect dress for the trip. Wait, no. Doesn’t go with the two pairs of shoes I can fit in my suitcase. Scratch that. Must. Find. The. Right. Dress.) You go to work but (let’s be truthful here) you really don’t give a damn what happens there. Or anywhere else for that matter. Here’s an example from my own pre-trip euphoria.

Brain: “Yes,  Donald Trump is still a candidate for president of the USA. I never, never, NEVER thought this could happen. It’s horrible. It’s revolting. I should be up at night chewing my nails over the geopolitical implications of a Trump presidency, not to mention what his candidacy implies about the character of Americans in general!!!”

Brain, two seconds later: “I love this folding toothbrush. It is the coolest piece of travel gear EVER.”

Perhaps best of all, in pre-trip euphoria, you relegate all important items on your “to do” list (except the trip-related ones) to that hazy, futuristic time frame called “when I get back” .

Ah, it’s bliss.


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