Seriously. I just want to see.

For someone who doesn’t wear glasses, I have a lot of glasses. I own multiple pairs of sunglasses (one pair in my purse, one pair in the car and one pair at home in a drawer just in case I lose or break the others), reading glasses (a pair in the car, two pairs in my purse, a pair at work and okay, I’ll admit it, about eight more pairs scattered around the house), and magnifying glasses (one in every project bag, spare pair in my purse). It’s getting out of control.

Plus, I realized today that not only do I need reading glasses, but I need TWO kinds of reading glasses: those that I look through for reading, working on the computer, and anything where I’m doing a single task AND the rests-on-the-bridge-of-your-nose-so-you-can-peer-over-them type for multitasking (like knitting and watching a movie or watching a power point presentation). Let’s not even talk about what happens when I try to multi-task outside, in sunlight.

I’ve been contemplating bifocals. But I’m no longer convinced they are the answer. Bifocals will only provide two seeing options. What if I’m outside, knitting with tiny needles, attending a music performance, and I suddenly need to read the pattern on my phone? That’s a need for

1. Sunglasses

2. Magnifying glasses

3. Reading glasses (not the same strength as close up glasses)

4. No glasses (without having to hold my head in a weird position)

Does anyone make quadfocals? Or even trifocals with auto-sunglasses-dropping features?

It’s also occurred to me that recent neck/shoulder stiffness and pain might be due to holding my head in strange positions to compensate for when the glasses I have on aren’t correctly matched with my activity.

I recall a family member once telling me about an architect who routinely wore four pairs of glasses on separate chains around his neck. Has it come to that? I’ll never be able to wear a necklace again!!!  (For those of you who don’t know, your glasses always get tangled with your jewelry if you are wearing them on a lanyard or beaded cord or chain.)

And now the really critical question: how many pairs of glasses will I need to take with me on this upcoming trip? And related topics to ponder: Should I take backup pairs? I mean the chances of dropping, cracking, snapping or smooshing a pair of glasses while traveling are high. Very high. If I take no backup pairs, will I be able to buy inexpensive reading glasses in the wilds of Scotland? Will my glasses end up taking as much space in my luggage as my hiking boots?  Inconceivable!

Seeing is so complicated.


  1. Have you considered Lasik?
    Seriously, though, bring two pair of each. And use tough cases. Good luck!


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