What if nothing happens?


High expectations. They can be a problem.

I am taking the opportunity to travel after a very difficult year. The trip is something of a reward for slogging through it all. It’s also a chance to be somewhere completely different, to hear different sounds, see different sights, and get beyond the familiar so I can see what stays with and remains essentially me  – as in: “No matter where you go, there you are”. I  might not have the available money, health, or freedom to head off on this kind of adventure in the unknown future. Gotta strike while the iron is hot.

Thoughts and plans run through my mind “And I’m going to be able to walk for miles along the beach and think about what I wanna do with the rest of my life and what is my purpose and I will get to do some gardening and won’t it feel good to have my hands in dirt again and should I give in and buy a place in suburbia or stick to my guns and find a place  out of the city that is beautiful and that I can love and I’m just sure some NEW idea for a business or undertaking will come up because they always do and and and and and and and and …”

Also, people say things like “Oh, everything will change for you on this trip.” and “I just know you’re going to meet someone.” and “You have no idea how this will lead your life in a new direction.” Pretty exciting to think about.

But it also occurs to me that nothing may happen on this trip. No big ideas. No deep purpose welling up from my suddenly freed-from-responsibilities soul. No earth-shattering epiphanies. Just a nice trip where I have a good time. I might just see good stuff, meet a few nice folks, write and sketch a bit and then simply return to Santa Fe. I did go to Italy a few years ago and experienced just such a trip. And it was good. GREAT, even.

So, I think I’ll delete the expectations related to this trip – both for what I will experience and what I hope to gain. I’m not saying that will be easy. But I think it’s a good approach.





  1. Oh, Suz. I so agree. Let go of any expectations and be in the moment. Moment after moment. As they occur. Because that is the way of HAPPINESS. And the is your TRUE goal. Love you so much. We all do. And that will go with you.


  2. and and and and ….

    (That was my favorite part.)

    I’m all for the “nothing in particular happened” for the same reason I like naps.

    As long as you find some of your nothingness in my stretch of suburbia. It’ll be good. GREAT even.


  3. Suz: carry a journal with you at all times. Not an “I did this today” journal or an ‘I saw this awesome stone cottage’ sketching journal, or a ‘shopping list in case I ever get to a town again’ journal. But a journal in which to capture all the little bubbles of insight that will come to the surface unexpectedly. Yes, wherever you go, there you are, but some of deep-down-you has been locked into place for years and will get jostled free and you want to capture the flashes of memory, or emotion that are emitted when the bonds break and deep-down-you resettles into a new and more pertinent pattern. The magic of the kaleidoscope is in seeing the way tiny shifts suddenly result in beautiful new patterns.


  4. Smiles, for all the insights and warm feelings. I agree with the “be here now” sentiment. No more focus on the “what was” or on the “what could possibly be”. Simply LIVE and enjoy. We love you!


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