Post from the Cotswolds #5


Tired after hiking to Winchcombe. We’re doing about eight miles a day. That’s a LOT for me!


Good morning. It’s 6 am here on Tuesday morning. I’m up and in the lobby, writing where the light is good and the view is even better.

Sorry I’ve not posted for a few days! Losing those two earlier posts really frustrated me. And there’s another, heretofore unrecognized element of traveling that has set in. It’s the Toilet Paper Roll Effect. Heard about it? The toilet paper starts out by unrolling slowly. The diameter of the roll is large; each revolution can be seen and noted. As the roll progresses, it moves more and more quickly. Soon, it’s revolving so quickly that you can barely keep track. Best to just note it’s moving rapidly and get on with your business. I’ve always enjoyed the TPRE as a metaphor for life. As a kid, summer vacation felt so very far away. Each year was an eternity. Now time is moving so fast I can hardly believe it. The years unroll in exponentially faster revolutions. All I can seem to do is note how it’s happening. And then get on with things.

This trip has progressed in much the same way. The first day of travel felt endless. Time dragged with the weight of my discomfort and anticipation. Then, the first day I awakened at 4 am, had plenty of time to write, and each hour was full and long. By the second morning, I was up at 6 am instead. We started hiking. We packed and our baggage was transported. The days started to pass in a blur of green fields, dotted by sheep and stone buildings. There have been multiple meals, laughter-filled conversations, quick trips into the market for wine and snacks, and walking. More walking. More cafes and sandwiches and Victoria Sponge with clotted cream. New hotel rooms and white coffee and unpacking and repacking. Losing gloves and buying walking sticks. The search for Sticky toffee pudding. Suddenly, it’s Tuesday. There’s just one more full day with these ladies and then they are headed home and I’m on to Birmingham and points north! And I’ve hardly had a moment to tell you what’s been going on.

Wow, a lot. There’s been a lot going on.

It’s all been wonderful and there are lots of pictures and there’s a lot to say. I promise to post more as quickly as I can. However, losing those two earlier posts reminded me of something: sometimes you want to make time stop so you can note it and reflect upon it and even share it. But time has a way of making those decisions for you. You WILL have an opportunity. Or you WON’T have one. No arguments. When I lost those two posts I decided to take the hint. Stop trying to hold on to time and circumstances. Let things unfold now. Write later. There will be opportunities. But now is the time to just experience everything. The toilet paper roll is on the small side. It’s moving fast. By Thursday there will be a big, brand new roll. I’ll have time and the leisure to post as I’d like. Hope you don’t mind waiting. I think we’ll both be glad I did.


  1. Suzie, thank you for allowing us homebodies to share in your adventures vicariously. But could you please do me a favor? Maybe I am clueless, or forgetful, or both. Could you please give a general overview of this trip, how long will you be there, and what will you be doing? Thanks, Cindy


    • Hi Cindy. Certainly! I will be in the UK approximately two months. The first part of my trip is as part of a small group tour with Rowan Tree Travel. There are ten of us on a walking/knitting tour of the Cotswolds. Then when this is complete, I’ll be heading north to Scotland. I’m going to be volunteering on a couple different organic farms. Hopefully I will also have some time to explore a bit. Back to the States in mid July.


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