Favorite (or should I write favourite) signage.

Please pardon if you’ve seen some of these signs already. Not everyone has access to my Facebook page, so I’ve collected a few to post here on the blog:

Every town in The Cotswolds had one.
Wow. Best set of bankers’ hours I’ve ever seen!
Cant bring myself to write what I’m thinking for this caption. But apparently , its going on all over the neighborhood.
The verge. Love that.
Two-for-one! Love the yellow sign. Plus, it’s an actual Vauxhall, which I’ve only ever hear about on Top Gear . Terrible cars, they say.

And a few that need no captions. Enjoy!


  1. Love that you’re taking pictures of all the signage. In all of Judy Montgomery’s travels she’s always taking pictures of signs and then when she makes her shutterfly books upon her return she has pages of signs and they’re always a hoot. As are yours.

    And I just returned home from EBP to find your posts and I was just gleeful. Thanks Suzie. Big hugs to you. 😎


    • Big hugs back! I’m glad you’re enjoying the travelogue. Ah yes, it’s Thursday. Hope everyone was well at work. I’ve completely lost track of days of the week!


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