A Green, Green Spot in the Southwest of Scotland

A view of the Castle Creavie buildings from the drive in.

Hello there! Writing to you know from one of the most beautiful spots of my trip: Castle Creavie. There are about twenty people here. Some are in the kitchen, eating around a large wooden slab of a table. Others are wandering about gathering last minute necessities. Believe it or not, there’s an entire pig roasting over next to the barn!  

As the Australian visitor, Phil, just commented to me ,”It feels lok the oy of the storm oil right.”

We are preparing for tonight’s giant barn dance — or as they call it over here, celeidg (pronounced “kay-lee”). The lovely folks who own and run this farm are Charlie and Elaine Wannop. Their son, Dan, is getting married in a couple months. Since the venue is small and in Dan’s hometown of Carlisle, Charlie and Elaine are holding a big to do here on the farm for family and friends in the area. Which is actually funny because now I think more people are coming from “away” than from right here in their county of Dumfries and Galloway! Aunts, uncles, cousins and a few old friends came in last night from as far away as London, north Wales and even Limerick, in Ireland. We had a barbecue down by the pond. This morning there’s been last minute set up of decorations in the barn and food prep. Some folks are tucking away for a nap. A few cars arrive now and then with kids and dogs and ask where to set up their tent. There will be a couple hundred people here tonight for the pig roast/ live band and caller/ dancing until 5 in the morning/ more alcohol than you’ve ever seen in your life party. But for the moment, it’s subdued. Definitely the eye of the storm since this morning was surging about and this evening will be a full on celeidg.

I’ve been here at Castle Creavie for almost exactly two weeks. Lots to tell you. Wonderful hosts. Beautiful setting. Lots of sheep. Amazing working dogs. Ocean just over the hill. 

But for now I really must nap. I doubt if I will make it to five in the morning. I’m hoping to make it to midnight though. Cheers! Sometime on Sunday I will wake up. Then I’ll have a cup of coffee and tell you all about it.

Folks gathered at the pond for a barbecue.
If you look closely, you can see Charlie swimming out in the pond.


  1. So happy for you and so look forward to hearing more about the wonderful farm that you are staying/working at and of course all about the party and how long you were able to stay up !!!!


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