I was going to continue writing this morning. But guess what? The sun finally broke through a solid week of gray mist and rain. Holy cow! Here are some more exclamation points to illustrate how excited I am:


Forget writing. 

I’m not even going to rake the cut hay in the lower field (my project, among others, of the last few days). “Gotta make hay while the sun shines” is for people who live here all the time. I have one full day left in Scoraig. Heading out the door as soon as I have coffee and food.

From the front door. This is what its looked like most of the week.
Or this, but still no sun.
What it looks like at this very moment.


  1. We will see you outside security Friday. We can eat dinner at some exotic place like Waffle House, Fudruckers or Olive Garden! Love Dad


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