A new home. And a new home.

Hey, all! This here’s my new address for musings, pictures, and general announcements. Closing down Hare & There Studio. Not that knitting and spinning and making stuff will stop. Goodness, no. Just moving all that into hobby status. Or should that be “non-stop-semi-obsessive-creative-endeavors-from-which-I-will-no-longer-require-an-income” status?

Six of one, half dozen of the other.

(It’s taken me YEARS to come across an opportunity to throw out that phrase in a nonchalant aside. Woot! Score one for me!)

Anyway, so… new home for blog.

But also, and in much more exciting news, new home for ME. After almost a year of not having my own home, I’ve settled into a new place here in Santa Fe. I call it Casa Familia, because it’s really a shared home for me and my parents. Gives them a comfortable place to spend extended time in Santa Fe. Gave me access to an affordable living environment in the outrageously inflated real-estate market that is Santa Fe.

I suspect it will be the site of many knitting get-togethers and family celebrations. Plus new gardening opportunities that won’t involve fencing out deer. Might even house an angora rabbit or two in the months ahead. Guess we’ll see! 

Stay tuned. Or, as Maria Hinojosa says, “No se valla.”
p.s. If you were subscribed to my other blog, I think you’ll need to resubscribe to this one. Guess I’ll have to set up a way for you to do so. Ok, it’s been added to the very long To Do list.

p.p.s. All previous blogs from hareandthere.wordpress.com have been exported to over here. Because you never know when you might feel like reading about sheep shearing in Scotland. Or hiking on a really hot day and then eating cake.

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