That’s me then. I’m off. Cheers.

You got that, right? It was British English for “Okay, everyone. I’m getting ready to head out on my trip. Be well and have a good summer. I’ll see you later.” Yes, by Friday, I’ll be in the land of extra letters (as in colour and favour). My favorite of the above phrases is “cheers”. I used to think it meant “Hey! Enjoy that alcoholic drink you’re about to inhale.” And though it certainly conveys a wish for enjoyment, it also communicates the following sentiments in varying situations: “I agree”, “let’s get on with things”, “exactly”, “be well”, and “hasta”. Oh, wait, that last one is New Mexican, not English. Notice there is no exclamation point in use above. I’m not sure British English uses exclamation points. I hear a BBC announcer in the background advising “Exclamation points. Unnecessary. Excessively exuberant. Avoid at all costs.”

Now for some American-style gushing. “OMG, you guys!!! I’ve packed my suitcase! I’ve got my travel docs and my backpack and some tiny goggles for birdwatching and my knitting projects and tools prepped and there’s just one more day before my flight to Boston and I don’t have anything remaining on my To Do list and and and …”

So let the blogging commence! (Another exclamation point. I’m so American.) By Saturday morning, I will be HERE via Boston, Reykjavik, and Glasgow.


This is where my use of future tense ends. Enough of that! No more “I’m going to”. From this point forward, you will be receiving almost real-time narration. And pics. If you were along for the 2016 trip, you know the drill. If you’re just joining me now, welcome. Please know that blog posts can address anything from the impact of a stunning landscape to the intricacies of some particular artist/artisan work I’ve encountered, from navigating public bathrooms in a foreign country (Wait, you need to take coins with you?) to a list of ways to amuse yourself while waiting for a train. Whatever comes to mind. Whatever I see/hear/encounter that I think you might enjoy. I travel with no expectations, no requirements that anything be “just so”, and with what I hope is an open mind. And an iPhone. I should note traveling with an iPhone, which makes all things possible in this world. Who knew I’d become proficient in typing with my thumbs?!?!?!

You can communicate with me via responses here to the blog, via email at the usual address, via FB posts and/or messenger and, if you’re unusually sophisticated in a jet-setter kind of way, via WhatsApp (texting that incurs no cell phone charges because it’s wifi based — and used frequently by Europeans). Also, I want to encourage you to subscribe to the blog. Life is too busy to to have to remember to check for updates. Just look on the right side of your screen or down at the bottom for the word FOLLOW. Click there. Type in email address. Hit enter. You’ll receive an alert each time I post. Subscribe and fuhgettaboutit. I look forward to sharing my adventures with you! And please, feel free to ignore posts that hold no interest for you. Not everyone cares about whether I’m finding native sheep breeds on the Outer Hebrides islands. I mean, I don’t know WHY they would’t care… but I recognize they might not.

So that’s me then. I’m off. Cheers.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!! (A bit more American-style gushing. Who’ll be sleeping tonight? Not Suzie.)

ps I reserve the right to incompletely edit/spellcheck posts in the interests of getting stuff out to you. Proofreading takes such a long time. I’d rather get on with it. In other words, cheers.



  1. Woot! Good on ya, mate! (Oh, wait, that might be Australian insteada British) The bunnies are sooo jealous! Pictures! Lots of Pictures! And you can use all the exclamation points you want.


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