My new car.

Here it is: my car for the next three weeks. Steering wheel on the right! I successfully drove Heather to the Glasgow airport, got on the freeway and out of town (only had to get off the freeway and turn around twice) and headed out into the Scottish countryside. Yes, it is uber stressful getting used to driving on the other side of the road. But after a couple hours, I did get the hang of it. Mostly. Only turned into the wrong lane once. And still have to remind myself “hug the right side of the road, hug the right side of the road, hug the…” But I’m doing well!

On my way now to visit a little inn near Melrose. Stopped for a quick lunch in a tiny town. I’m just south of Edinburgh and am in what’s referred to as the Scottish Borders. Gentle rolling hills, occasional groupings of traditional stone cottages, hillsides covered with lush greens and sheep to eat it all. Occasionally I steal a glance to one side of the road or the other. Very beautiful. (Hey! Hug the right side of that road!!!) Just passed Floors Castle. Alas, I cannot stop. I’m on a schedule. Stopping for a quick visit at Kippilaw House, where we’ll be staying with some groups next spring. Afterwords, I’ve got about a three hour drive south to my housesit near York. Whew!

I am SO looking forward to getting there, relaxing, doing some laundry, taking a day off from having to go anywhere, and writing to you good people.


  1. Kol hakavod! The driving thing would have finished me. Is it really as nice as they say? I will break out the atlas (have I dated myself) and see where you are.


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