Home again, jiggity jig. And other miscellaneous thoughts.

Well, here I am at Downtown Subscription in Santa Fe. Once again, I’ve dropped the ball by not finishing the tale of my trip to Iceland. I was just enjoying a lovely morning meetup with my friend Maria when it occurred to me: “Hey! The blog readers are still in Iceland!” OMG, I’m so sorry. You’ve probably been in limbo for days – unable to eat, sleep, brush your teeth or feed your dogs! The suspense!


Okay, good. I was feeling guilty. Now I don’t have to. Heck, I’ve seen most of you in person since getting back.

I really need to work on that COMPLETION thing. This is also my challenge with knitting projects. And house projects. And things to do for Rowan Tree Travel. In the very midst of doing a particular thing, I become aware of 17 new and exciting things. Inevitably I put Thing 1 down for a break. Then, instead of picking it back up as I should, I tip toe over here and have a look at Things 3,6, and 12. Just for a look. And realize thing 12 needs to be done sooner rather than later. So then it becomes Thing 1 and the former Thing 1 becomes Thing 3 (because also I remembered that Thing 16 has an impending deadline). Poor ol’ former-Thing-1. And so it goes.

I swear I do not have ADHD. I’m not distracted. It’s not a lack of concentration or discipline (a mistaken idea for which I used to endlessly chide myself). I’m simply deluged by creative ideas. Every day. As if there is a spring in my chest, gurgling up water nonstop. But instead of water, what bubbles over are thoughts, ideas, solutions, images, “what about”s and “what if”s. I’m not trying to have it happen. It just happens.

So all my making, writing, problem solving, doing — all those things are the result of that creative wellspring. And sometimes I get overwhelmed by it. I get behind. Sometimes I even despair because if it. How could there ever be enough time, enough money, enough opportunity to address all those darned ideas?

Anyone else ever feel that way? Anyone?

So, the moment I returned from Iceland, there were immediately 34 urgent things to address (both self-generated and work induced). Travel is such a nice escape. I get to set all that aside, except for the most critical items, and be present with the experiences I’m having. I get to notice, enjoy, even revel in them! (Yes, I reveled in the experience of being at the GeoSea thermal pools, looking across the water to snow covered cliffs.)

And if I’m lucky, I have time to write about those revels while reveling in them. It’s a wonderful thing, to share my experiences with you, fine friends, since I so often travel alone.

But when I get home again (jiggity jig), other things crowd in. My travel experience of Iceland drops from its status as Thing 1 to somewhere around Thing 11. And that’s how I find myself here, thinking about how I never wrote about the end of the trip. To be honest, writing a final post about the last day of my trip has dropped to Thing 117. It wasn’t that exciting. And now I’m not even sure it’s worth doing.

Booooooooop! (Just dropped to Thing 224.)

Okay, bygones. I’ll try to do better next time.

Trying to do better is currently Thing 7. Be aware its status is changeable. It could be preempted at any time by a host of better – or at least more compelling – offerings from the creative wellspring.

I send out a kiss to you all! 😘


  1. That’s our Suzie in a nutshell. So much going on. Glad you are home. Love, love reading your posts! Thanks for sharing with us!


  2. Hi Suzie:

    Thanks for so eloquently explaining my (our?) affliction. Sometimes I feel as though my mind is the little ball in a pinball machine – bouncing from thing to thing as each one lights up. At present, Ravelry is taunting me with an excess of wonderful patterns – Joji Locatelli’s new shawl, all of Liz Abinante’s patterns that she has made free as a celebration of her retirement. Hoping to finish her “Travelling Woman” shawl and wear it on our trip.

    The fact that you don’t necessarily finish the blog on a particular trip is completely outweighed by the treat of being able to travel vicariously with you for the days that you do post. I hope, however, that you are prepared to completely and fully finish the blog for “Knitting on the Northern Borders” so that I can forward it to my friends and family rather than adding a blog to my already overwhelming list. 🙂

    Look forward to seeing you.



    • Lol That made me laugh! Yes, because both Heather and I are leading KNB, I do plan to write about it. When I’m the sole trip leader I really don’t have time. Though you’ll have to warn your friends and family that you might be home before they get the last few days of the trip in blog form! See you in a few weeks. Glad you are joining us and bringing a friend!


  3. I liked this post. Not too long. Not too much detail. Lots of Suzie insight that I love (you and your insight). I suggest that you keep letting those new ideas spring forth. It is not good to have a finite list.


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