Thoughts on Starting Over, Intermission

If there’s one thing I’ve learned (and actually do, now that I’ve learned it), it’s that when you try, try, try and try to do something but it’s just not going well… stop. Just stop! Pry those clutching fingers right off and go do something else.

My writing groove was interrupted yesterday by all sorts of regular life happenings. I let go the rhythm I’d held of waking, gathering a cup of coffee and returning to write from my room before any of the day’s needs got between me and my wish to get thoughts onto paper. Uh, well, thoughts onto screen.

Writing today, at mid day, is not going well. Instead of flow, I’ve got fits and starts. It’s like trying to talk with the checkout person at the grocery store these days: you talk, but your voice has to get through your mask, through the plexiglass shield in front of you, around the register and its giant techno screen, over the hubub of other voices and activity around you, and into the ears of the check out person. Quite a feat.

Well, I may have to carry on in order to get groceries, but I don’t have to write this way. And probably shouldn’t even try. Waste of time. Not just mine, but yours. You shouldn’t have to wade through paragraphs of crap while I work my way around to the relevant two sentences.


Outta here.

Take a little break from Masterclass. We’ll resume after a short break. Everyone go to the bathroom, get a fresh cup of tea, have a stretch. When the lights flicker in the lobby, head on back. Okay, no lobby. Check your in ox instead.

Oh, and happy new year. Aren’t you glad we’re headed into 2021? I am for sure.


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