A Walk Along Coniston Water

Has it truly been two weeks since I left Santa Fe? The blink of an eye, really. Major air travel, a whole tour come and gone, nestled semi-quietly now in the Lake District for some work, rest and laundry/re-organize/last minute prep for the next tour. I’ve hardly had any time to think about anything other than the task right in front of me.

I might finally be able to get in some writing. How about if I start by sharing today’s walk?

I’m staying at Bank Ground Farm, a working farm that also supports itself with guest rooms and a small restaurant. It looks like this:

From below, at Coniston Water.
From above, on the road.

I worked this morning after a brief delay due to the lock on our door not working. But that’s an entirely different tale. We’re going to stick with the walk… right? I worked at my computer until about 1 pm, then laced up my walking shoes and headed out. It was overcast and the light was muddy. Nonetheless, there are people all over the Lake District this weekend. It’s the Easter holiday (Friday and Monday off work) so camping areas are full of families, boats are on the lakes (here referred to as a “water”) and hikers, cyclists and extra cars are making the tiny roads a challenge. Nonetheless, I ventured forth.

Bank Ground Farm is on a less-travelled side of Coniston Water. I often walked alone, only occasionally passing another person or car. (Thank goodness because the roads are… well, … Heather and I just conferred. We agree the road is exactly the width of two cars plus three inches. And there’s a stone wall on both sides. What is that, about ten feet wide maybe?)

I wandered, alone for the first time in many days. Here is some of what I saw.

Things in bloom.
Jacob sheep.
Dry-stacked stone walls. Some chiseled and carefully fitted…
some less so, but sturdy and long-lived…
some even older and lived upon…
and some so old as to be disappearing under the life they support.
Ferns unfurling.
Delightful ironwork.
Coniston Water and the Old Man of Coniston (the mountain) in the distance.
The lake shore.
More things blooming.
And the road. (Double width here and only one stone wall. An atypical version.)

And then back down to Bank Ground Farm again. A hot shower. Coin operated laundry. Fresh clothes and dinner out.

Ending the day with a quick note to you, from right outside my room. Here’s what I see as I send my love your way. Cheers!


  1. Thanks for the wonderful reminder of our Lake District trip. I have such lovely memories of Coniston Water. Hope you’re enjoying yourself. Look forward to seeing you in June.

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  2. Yes, absolutely delightful where you are.
    I’m so glad you and Heather will be well rested before jumping on Woolen Wales where you, or just Heather I think, will have to put up with the likes of me. Well, I’ll be well rested too and promise to try to be a well behaved traveler.


  3. Taking time to savor your photos this morning after a whirlwind week and work and preparing to leave this coming week. You capture so much of the beauty and timelessness there. I loved my short time there and long to return.
    And no one does a gate justice like the Brits. They are so civilized, unlike the ugly metal tube things we have here in the states.


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