Intermission, with Signage

Sheep. They’re everywhere.

Aha! I’ve discovered the source of my technical difficulties! After many years of blogging, I’ve hit my limit of media (i.e. photo) storage. Hmmmm. Not sure how I will delete things without affecting old posts, but I will investigate. In the meantime, I’ve made enough space with a few deletions to share some silly UK signage with you. Enjoy while we wait to return to our regularly scheduled programming. More on the Lake District as soon as I’ve figured this out…

This is a new one for me. Death by zig-zag arrow?
Width of one of the roads we drove. Nice that they warn you.
This road in the Lake District is so steep and winding, it’s named “The Struggle”. Yes, Heather drove it. I mostly covered my eyes.
Under the train station in Edinburgh.
Seen on the high street, Callander, Scotland.
Wondered about this one that I saw in Edinburgh… Later found out I was near the national center for services for the blind.
Seen days later in Inverness. Ummm… guessing I was near a senior center??? Will I see further signage that says “Teenagers”? How about “Dog Walkers”? “Tourists”?
Seen in a private home, near the Lake District. But applicable in oh so many settings, yes?

Love you all. Will write more tomorrow. Cheers.


  1. LOVE the signage segment! As always enjoying the arm chair ride very much. And speaking of Cheers Mom & Dad want to Crawly’s. today for lunch with out us!!


  2. Does anyone really read signs anymore? I’m so glad you do. And the struggle IS real. I do believe Heather drove it. The woman is fearless. Though I might have tried it if I could have driven on the right side of the road…….


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