Technology. Let me roll my eyes yet again.

Here’s a picture of something lovely. Why? Because it’s going to be a little while before I can post again. I had grand plans! Then I couldn’t upload any photos. Two days ago. Then again all day yesterday. Then again last night.

What? I’m connected to the wifi! I disconnected then reconnected. I turned everything off and then on again (because we all know this solves the problem 99.9% of the time). This should work! What the heck?

Then this morning, while trying yet again, I remembered. Oooooooh…. my website is maxxed out. Too many photos. Too much text. Now I remember something about this happening last time I was posting. Since it’s been over a year, I don’t chide myself too, too much for not remembering. All my content is stored here on the blog — everything since 2016. You can imagine how much text and zillions of MBs of stored photos. WordPress, the website host, has said “NO MORE!!!” Of course, WordPress didn’t use that language. I would have known what was wrong. Instead, the website just wouldn’t save any text or photos. Took me three days to figure out why.

Family, quote along with me: Technology… it’s wonderful when it works. When it doesn’t… it’s a P.I.A.

Instead of writing to you dear people, I have spent the morning copying my blog posts and photos into Google docs (to be saved as accessible pdfs later, down the road, someday) and then deleting them from the blog itself.

Now that I’ve completed that gargantuan task, I was able to upload the above lovely pic of daffs at Bank Ground Farm for you in no time flat.

Here’s another, just cause it was SO easy to do.

No daisy, that guy. It’s a mural of Charles Rennie MacIntosh. I’m in Glasgow. But getting ready to head to Edinburgh this afternoon to start leading a tour in the morning.

Space available on my website! Yay!

Posts forthcoming.

(She typed hopefully.)


  1. So good to hear from you. 


    div>Looking forward to hearing and seeing more. 

    linda w dillman


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    blockquote type=”cite”>


  2. Technology….thanks for moving all that stuff!! I agree with Colleen. A book someday. In the meantime we get to see and hear some of the delightful experiences and pitfalls of a life well traveled. Thank you!!


  3. Oy, yes, PIA or POS, when tech doesn’t work. I’m wishing I were on your tour..thinking hard about the fall one…


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