A Soft Landing

Well here’s my spot for the next few days: Cirencester (pronounced SIGH-run-cest-ah). I’ve landed at a beautiful 18th-century-built rowhouse in the Cotswolds for a week of respite. Plus caring for these two rascals:

Laundry is on the line. (Not yellow this time!!!)

And I’ve the luxury of coffee in the back garden, not having to be up and doing something by 7 am, dirt to poke around in if I want, and a house to settle into for a few days. Absolute luxury!

Hoping I can find the sugar sometime this morning. I was smart enough to pick up some double cream for my coffee yesterday when we stopped at a market.

So picture me here as I start writing about the last couple weeks, picking up with our Knitting in the Northern. orders tour.



  1. What a lovely spot to land! No wonder your landing was soft. Enjoy the kitties. I haven’t had one since Sandino the Wonder Cat who died about five years ago. Now I miss kitties, but I’m not taking any more animals until I stop my wandering ways.


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