An Update from the Rainiest Place on Earth

Okay, maybe not the rainiest. But it IS raining. Again. And has every day since I arrived in Cirencester.

I’m feeling terrible that I still haven’t posted any nice tales for you since landing at my housesit. How to describe it… I have to be in the right headspace to write. I have to feel like time is stretching out around me in all directions – and that no one and nothing will be adversely affected if I just duck out and tell you about my adventures.

I don’t feel that way right now. Instead, I feel great pressure to update the Rowan Tree Travel website with upcoming trips. I feel pressure to put together every detail of the next several trips for which I’m responsible. I feel pressure to finish this outrageously large shawl I started while over here. (see pic below) I feel pressure to finish this book I’m reading so I don’t have to carry it with me for the next four weeks. (It’s an actual, physical book. Not one on my phone.) I feel pressure to get back to some of the things I was reading before this trip because I had made significant gains toward NOT feeling pressure that is of my own making.

So, because they won’t take too much thought energy, I’m going to share a couple things from recent experience.

I hope to get back to sharing adventures and thoughts soon.

Still raining.


    • The kind of pressures you are feeling generate positive energy, so that is good. Having some joyful moments every day on your trip is even better! We are thinking of you in the ‘hood! This is a wonderful time in your life!

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  1. Wowza, that is a beautiful if not enormous shawl. Once finished maybe you will ship it home !!!
    Oh, I meant to say to my home !!! Silly Jud it is probably made of wool of which I am allergic to
    so not for me!!! Love you bunches……

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    • It’s not as enormous as I plan for it to be… yet. I want to be able to take it out to the back courtyard with me so I can stay warm out there after the sun goes down. Wool + linen and very yummy!


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