A Dry Stone Wall Primer

One of the most fascinating finds of recent weeks was an unexpected exhibit at Shibden Hall, in Halifax. After going through the house and associated buildings, Heather discovered another place to explore as we were about to walk back down the hill to our car. (Yay, Trixie!) Situated beyond the car park (that’s parking lot in American talk) was an outdoor exhibit on dry wall stone techniques.

One of the things I love most about traveling here is taking in the miles and miles of green, rolling hills – all neatly divided by stone walls. Where I’m from, it’s all chain link and barbed wire. A coyote fence if you’re lucky. But stone? Stone walls in the States would take big bucks in materials and labor to construct. Here, they’ve been built over generations, simply out of need and using the materials at hand. They represent a tradition of hand work that would have died out but for the need of maintenance. So the knowledge is passed on.

I love these walls.

So when we returned to Shibden Hall with the Knitting in the Northern Borders tour, I decided to duck out first thing and photograph the whole exhibit. I am completely fascinated by it. And grateful to whomever it was that came up with the idea. Bravo!

Peruse according to your level of interest…

What? You’re still here!?!? Feel like building a wall now?

I do.

Ah, nevermind. It’s still raining outside. Think I’ll knit.


  1. Suzie – after nearly a year, I finally found my way to your website/blog/whatever it is. And it is WONDERFUL. It seemed to navigate your travels and adventures on Facebook, but now I can really see and feel what your doing and how much you are really putting into it and loving it. You are an amazing and talented writer (somehow I think I always knew that) and this website proves it. As much as I miss you, I know you’re doing what you love and we will see you eventually. Enjoy the rest of this loooonnnng trip you’re on – cruise is next, right. Be safe and we’ll see you soon. Love Benee and Terry


    • Thanks for these lovely words, Benee. Looooooong is the right word for this spring’s journey. One more tour to facilitae before I get to cruise on the Baltic Sea. Hope you and Terry are well.


  2. Beautiful walls! I’ve always been fascinated with these types of walls. How fortunate you are to have found such an exhibit!
    I remember seeing miles and miles of stone walls in north central Chihuahua. But I was on a twisty mountainous road with no pullouts. I wished and watched for any possible place to stop so I could take some photos but there was none until I reached the valley and the walls were long gone.


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