Ready for R & R

The breakfast room at Parliament House hotel in Edinburgh. Home away from home.

Hello. Did you think I forgot about you?

I didn’t!

Just said goodbye to my most recent tour group – most from Abq, with a smattering of folks from other places. They were lovely! Each group this spring was a fantastic mix of folks. I’ve had so many laughs and good conversations.

Anyway, I’m off today for the airport. Flying to Amsterdam to meet my friend, Linda, for our adventure on the Baltic Sea. It’s part vacation, part research. I foresee hours of time during which I’ll be able to finish writing about Knitting in the Northern Borders plus keep you updated on what we see and do during the cruise.

More soon… from aboard ship!


  1. I too am anxiously awaiting stories from your Baltic Adventures. Plus I wanted to tell you that
    the “Colorado” guy was told no parking by Jackalope this year. So my cousin says he is set up down
    Cerrillos across from Denny’s. My grand adventure will be to locate him for you/for me. xoxoxo Jud


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